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Earn real money by Posting interesting Articles, Get Likes, Post comments, Share Sponsored post to earn more | Welcome to Photoearn.com

Frequently Asked Questions

What is photo earn?

Photo earn is an online portal that offers activity earnings to user and provide a medium where users get their thoughts, information, news, inspiration, idea or article to the public and still earn money by doing that. Just as the name goes earn even by publishing your inspirational, funny, idealistic or informative photos.

What is our purpose?

Our purpose is to create an internet platform for Nigerians to earn through even without any prior investment that is to say you can make any amount possible even without any registration fee or starting fee.

What is not our purpose

  • We are not scammers like any other site
  • We don’t make money from you

  • How to join photo earn

    You can start by registering; you don’t need anyone to guide you through. Because the registration process is very simple and clear, after registration you will activate your account. Activation fee is N1500.

    Can I make money without activation?

    Yes you can. This is how it works; when you register without activation fee, you will not be able to earn through any other means except by referral, when any of your 5 referrals becomes an activated users. You will also be activated but you will lose their referral commission.

    What are my benefits in photo earn?

  • You get access to earn as much as you want from this platform.
  • You get access to publish your articles or information to the world to see and know.
  • You get access to our books that cost much to access. Some of our courses are 60% discounted.
  • You can buy book or other materials from any of your earnings provided your earnings are up to the price.
  • You get access to earn on daily basis
  • You get access to make money when someone like your post and when you comment on other post
  • Much more you get access to our offers and gift/giveaway when they we upgrade.
  • And lot more.
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    How to get my account activated

    Get your account activated by checking on activated account at the top of the site. Activation charge is N1500. On the activation page you will see 4 of our admm. Contact them through whatsapp.

    Earning with photo earn

  • Daily sponsored share
  • Daily sponsored share is when you share your daily sponsored post on your facebook profile remember that, only use the facebook profile you had provided during activation.
  • Daily publishing; you earn money by publishing your articles or post, you only have 3 chance of post daily.
  • Post like.
  • You earn money when someone like your post.
  • Post comment
  • You earn by commenting on peoples post
  • Referring you earn money by referring N800 for every one you refer
  • selling A Ebooks or aids
  • you earn money by selling your own book or other material online.

    How to cash out

    Cash out is by simply submitting your cash out form, cash out form start appearing first week of every month

    When do I cash out?

  • Without referral N6000
  • With referral N4000

  • Do I need referral to cash out

    No you don’t.

    What is reactivation fee

    After every cash out a fee is deducted from your account called the reactivation fee.

    How can I refer people

    Just give them your username, note; your username must be case sensitive. Exactly at it appears on your profile

    Can I refer myself

    If you try it out and it worked good for you. But any form to cheat us will lead to account suspension. We do not tolerate hackers, because we hurt no one.

    How do photo earn make money to pay me

    We make money by
  • Your support and cooperation
  • Your activation fee which is 65% goes to the referral and 35% comes to us
  • Advertisement, through advertisement on the site
  • Through selling of ebooks and materials
  • Nothing more.

    How many post can I publish per day?

    Only 3 everyday. When there is no sponsored post available there is no publishing chance for users.

    What are the rules of photo earn

  • Do not publish adult content on the site
  • If you publish adult content your account will be suspended for 30 days and you will lose all your activity earnings